Creating Stories of Caring Done Right.

Cadence Assisted Living Residential Community is a 150-unit senior living community meticulously designed to fit the character and architecture of north Scottsdale. Inspired by community input and the nearby 5-star resort, Ryan Companies will repurpose an old restaurant into a stunning senior living community for northern Scottsdale residents to live in style with personal care and memory care services available if they should need them.


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Cadence is an owner, operator and developer of senior living communities based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Cadence executives have over 100 years of real estate, senior housing development and senior housing management experience. Cadence emphasizes the importance of quality care and creates comfortable, vibrant communities that offer residents exceptional independent living, assisted living and memory care lifestyle options, proving that the “rhythm of life” is ever present.


With many years’ experience developing premier senior housing communities, the Ryan Companies’ senior living team strives to secure locations that have the best attributes to attract long term, high quality residents. Ryan’s partner and operator, Cadence Senior Living, delivers high quality, desirable senior living communities that aren’t just about bricks and mortar or investment returns, but instead focus on developing communities where residents feel safe, supported, cared for and connected. This includes a high level of service offerings, concierge and nursing care, amenities, and a sense of community that promotes fun, health and well-being for the residents, the staff and the surrounding community. Ryan’s architecture team designs spaces in which their own parents would be proud to live. Since 2009, Ryan has built over 2,500 units of caring communities where seniors can create their new story. Likewise, the Cadence team has been supporting seniors for 32 years in many communities throughout the Southwest with an unparalleled track record of success and care.



The proposed Cadence Assisted Living Residential Community requires a site plan amendment approval by the City of Scottsdale. The property is currently commercially zoned (C-2) and the proposed land use is an allowed use. The amendment repurposes the Sassi restaurant site plan to an assisted living community. C-2 zoning allows for 36 feet to roofline and 100 feet for tower or screening elements. The Sassi restaurant amended this height to 32 feet to roofline with an additional 4 feet for tower elements and screening above (36 feet). Our request is to return to the original 36 feet to roof line and allow for only an extra 6 feet for towers and screening for a maximum height anywhere on the property to 42 feet. A majority of our proposed parking is in an underground garage out of sight from surrounding properties. Our case is scheduled to be heard by the Scottsdale Planning Commission on February 28th. Questions? Call or email.